Six Doctors

Six Doctors highlights an idea that there are more than 2 sides to every story.
Using six different points of view, these six doctors discuss important topics in mental health from A(DHD) to Z(oloft).

Dr. AIntroducing Dr. Arnold, who analyzes patterns or trends and tries to learn from the available data. Dr. Arnold is a cardiologist by training and concerns himself with concrete facts and numbers when making decisions.  He looks for gaps in the information and either tries to fill them or account for them.

Dr. BarnettIntroducing Dr. Barnett, who uses his intuition and gut reaction when trying to understand the emotional responses of people. Dr. Barnett is a pediatrician by training and attempts to take the temperature of each situation, while recognizing that he does not fully know the reasoning of others

Dr. CIntroducing Dr. Chiu, who cautiously and defensively highlights any weaknesses or known risks. Dr. Chiu is a pathologist by training and concerns himself with resilience.  He thinks about future risks and prepares for tough times and difficulties

Dr. DIntroducing Dr. Duman, whose optimism helps you see all the value and benefits of a decision. Dr. Duman specializes in infectious diseases and thinks positively when everything looks gloomy and dark

Psychiatrist 2Introducing Dr. Edelman, who creatively experiments outside-the-box for solutions to problems. Dr. Edelman is a psychiatrist by training and develops tools to help you create ideas while minimizing self-criticism 

Internist 2Introducing Dr. Ford, who expertly understands when and where to direct activity. Dr. Ford was trained in internal medicine and prepares contingency or back-up plans when ideas are running dry and frustration is overflowing

Bullying And Aggression
Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)